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Diesel is a brand for clothes and a trademark owned by Diesel S.p.A., a clothing company from Italy. The brand is best known for its denim jeans, but is also used for jackets, shirts, other garments and accessories.


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Products by Diesel include clothing and accessories for men and women. Some of these products are also available in the kid's collection for boys and girls.

In 1994, Diesel introduced a streetwear collection for adolescents called 55DSL. In 2014, the 20th anniversary was celebrated with a special fall winter collection. In 2015, however, the 55DSL collection was integrated into the main collection. Since then, it is no longer offered as a special collection.

Since 2007, Diesel also offers a special upscale collection under the sub-brand Diesel Black Gold.

A new fabric type invented by Diesel is the Jogg Jeans fabric introduced in 2011.

In addition to clothing and accessories, Diesel also has the product lines:

  • Living: Equipment for apartments and houses
  • Lifestyle: Products for expressing one's personal livestyle, among others helmets, headphones and bicycles


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Image from the spring/summer 2015 #dieselhigh campaign

In addition to the conventional advertising using printed ads as well as TV & cinema commercials, Diesel is also very present on the internet and in social media. At the online store, visitors can suscribe for a newsletter sent by email.

Twice a year, a special advertising campaign is startet for the new spring/summer or fall/winter collection, sometimes preceded by a pre-spring or a pre-fall campaign.

Fashion shows

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Models at the the fall/winter 2012 Diesel Black Gold fashion show

The new collections of each season (spring/summer or fall/winter of each year) are also presented at fashion shows.


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