Jeans by Diesel

Jeans is the best known product group of the brand Diesel. They are available for men and women and offered in different styles, colors and washings.


Jeans are a special type of trousers that are made from denim. Due to their special importance, Diesel has an own product group "Denim" for jeans, while other types of trousers are included in the product group "Trousers" (British English) or "Pants" (American English).

Jeans do not only differ from other trousers in the material used, but also in the style. The most important difference in the construction of jeans is the yoke, consisting of two tapered pieces of fabric inserted at the top of the back of the jeans. It allows the fit to be tighter at the waist than at the hips, without using pleats or darts. Further, jeans have patch back pockets, and the front pockets generally have a more horizontal pocket mouth as common with trousers. The edges of the front pockets are provided with rivets.

Jeans generally extend from the waist to the ankles and have long trouser legs covering the entire legs of the human body. However, jeans are also available as "shorts" with trouser legs ending above or shortly below the knee. Despite of being made from denim, too, those denim shorts are not included in Diesel's product group "Jeans", but in the product group "Trousers". Also trousers that have the construction of jeans but are made from different materials than jeans, for example jean cut corduroy trousers, are included in the product group "Trousers".

22051302 Diesel Cheyenne W38L32 blau 2
22051302 Diesel Cheyenne W38L32 blau 3

Jeans by Diesel have some specific features by which they can be distinguished from jeans of other brands. Among them are:

  • the back patch with some kind of Diesel logo
  • the back pocket with an "eagle" embroidery
  • the 5th pocket (watch or coin pocket) having a diagonal band with the inscription Diesel Industry Denim Division and a D logo
  • waist button (and possibly fly buttons) with "Diesel" embossing
  • pocket rivets with "Diesel" embossing

By abrasion during use, the white core of the weft threads of the denim appears under the dyed surface so that the color of the fabric fades. This gives used denim jeans a unique look. Especially, the surface abrasion achieves the following effects:

Inner-thigh-and-knee-fade Thigh fades faded areas at the thighs and knees due to abrasion
Wallet-fade Wallet fades faded areas or outlines at rear or front pockets caused by carrying wallets, cellphones or the like therein
Whiskers Whiskers crinkled and faded horizontal streaks at the crotch area of the jeans formed by the bending of the hip when sitting
Honeycombs Honeycombs crinkled and faded honeycomb-shaped lines behind the knee area of the jeans formed by the bending of the knee
Stacks Stacks crinkled and faded lines around the ankle and up to the calf area formed when the legs of the jeans stack on top of the shoe
Train-tracks Train tracks faded tracks on the outseams of the denim caused by the selvage.

Such a used used look, including the special effects, may also be achieved by different washings durcing the production, from a simple stone-wash process up to the extensive treatment for Blue Eyecons jeans.


Jeans are available in different styles that mainly are characterized by different fits and rises.


The main fits for Diesel jeans are:

for men
for women
NL-150408-w-regular straight
regular straight
super skinny


Available rises for Diesel jeans are:

  • very low
  • low
  • medium
  • high

Present styles

The following jeans styles are presently available:

for men
style fit rise fly remarks
Belther tapered
Buster tapered normal button introduced in 2014
Darron tapered
Iakop tapered normal button
Jogg-X carrot
Krayver carrot
Krooley carrot zipper
Larkee straight button
Narrot carrot
Safado straight normal button
Shioner skinny
Slammer tapered introduced in 2015
Sleenker skinny
Spender skinny
Stickker skinny introduced in 2015
T-Ride carrot introduced in 2015
Taylhor tapered introduced in 2015
Tepphar carrot
Thavar skinny normal button
Truckter carrot
Waykee straight
Zathan bootcut low button
Zatiny bootcut

for women
style fit rise fly remarks
Bootzee bootcut
Cherock bootcut
Debbie jegging
Doris super skinny
Eazee boyfriend
Fayza boyfriend
Francy skinny
Grupee skinny
Livier jegging
Louvboot bootcut
Sandy regular straight
Skinzee super skinny

Some of these jeans styles are also available as Jogg Jeans, made from a special fabric combining denim and jersey.

Former styles

The following Diesel jeans styles are no longer available:

for men
style fit rise fly remarks
Braddom carrot
Cheyenne straight low button
Fanker bootcut low zip
New Fanker bootcut
Kakee carrot
Keetar regular low button
Koolter carrot
Kratt straight low button
Kulter straight low button
Mennit straight
Larkee relaxed straight
Larkee-T carrot
Poiak carrot
Rombee carrot
New Saddle high button
Thanaz skinny
Timmen straight
Viker straight
Viker R-Box straight
Zapox low zip
for women
style fit rise fly remarks
Fellow medium button
Getlegg skinny
Luster very low zip
Zerox very low button


For most of the styles of Diesel jeans, the color is mainly blue in different washings.


Next to the color, the visual appearance of a jeans is mainly determined by the washing. Washing not only influences the overall shade of the jeans, but also may cause special efects to make the jeans look mor or leass worn, for examples bleached parts at the thigh, whiskers at frontal top side of the jeans or honeycombs at the back of the knees.

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