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P-Aily trousers for men


Fayza-P trousers for women

Trousers are a type of clothing for men and women by Diesel.


Trousers, in America also called "pants"[1], are an item of clothing that covers the hip and legs of the human body. Different from other types of clothing like skirts or dresses that cover both legs together, trousers cover the two legs separately.

Trousers generally extend from the waist to the ankles and have long trouser legs covering the entire legs. However, trousers are also available as "shorts" with trouser legs ending above or shortly below the knee.

Normally, trousers is a generic term referring to all kinds of trousers including denim jeans. In fashion, however, jeans is often taken as a product group of its own, while trousers generally refers to trousers which are not made from denim, but from other types of woven or knitted fabrics or from leather, or to trousers made from denim which do not have the normal form of a jeans, for example shorts and jumpsuits.

Diesel further has an own product group jumpsuits for women, whereas jumpsuits for men are included in the product group trousers.



  1. The word "pants" in the meaning of trousers mainly is used in American English, while it generally means underwear in British English.

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